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Wagga Wagga Poultry Club Inc
20th April 2008 starting 9am, Wagga Show grounds NSW
Vendors advise their price and are paid on the day.

We promote pure breed stock.
We also cater for the public with layers and meat birds.
A booking sheet is available from waggapoultryclub@yahoo.com.au
Or telephone 03 58284261.
Breeds Currently booked.
Araucana Lavender
Araucana white
Doves white suitable for wedding
Duck Pekin
Ducks Bantam White Mallard
Ducks Campbell Khaki
Golden Partridge Wyandotte’s
Guinea fowl lavender
Japanese AOC 3 plts
Japanese Birchen
Japanese Black
Japanese Black tailed white
Japanese Frizzle
Japanese White
Leghorn Brown Bantam
Leghorn Duckwing bantam
Light Sussex
OEG Black Red
OEG Blue Red
OEG Duckwing
Pheasants Cinnamon R/neck
Pheasants Golden
Pheasants Mutant
Pheasants Reeves
Pheasants Ring neck
Pheasants Silver
Pit Game Birchen
Pit Game Brown red
Plymouth Rock bantam Dark barred
Plymouth Rock Dark barred large
Plymouth Rock Light barred large
Rhode Island Red
Rhode Island White
Sebright Silver
Silver penciled Wyandotte’s
Silver spangled Hamburg’s
Specked Sussex
Turkeys (6)

If you are planning a wedding or celebration and
would like something special, we have 20 pure white doves available.
Hot food and refreshments are available.
Phone 03 58284261
The club retains all funds for the benefit of members and exhibitors, and is replacing all pens in pavilion.

Added: April 9, 2008

We are having our first Club show on Sunday 20th April 2008. We also run the poultry section at the AG show on May 23 and 23rd . Our Annual Show is Sunday June 15th 2008. We usually get over 500 at both club shows and about 350 for the Ag show.

Added: April 8, 2008

hi all,,,,im after some white rosecombs,,must be reasonable quality,,,,thanks

Added: April 7, 2008

I bought some baby chicks in December and one has turned out to be a rooster. I live in an area that is not really suitable for his early morning crowing. Does anybody know anything that can maybe prevent him from crowing until later in the day?

Please email me if you have any ideas!

Added: April 6, 2008

Im looking for day old/week old golden campines or a golden campine rooster.

Added: April 3, 2008

I have for sale a 4 yr old Cape Barren Gander for $150 if anyone is interested email or phone me 0408795981.Will freight at buyers expense.Thanks.

Added: April 1, 2008

As of 1/4/2008 Peacocks Australia Qld will advertise ALL surplus stock (excluding Auction birds) on A.P.F ONLY. No further orders will be accepted. Special pricing applies to A.P.F Members.

Peacocks Australia

Added: April 1, 2008

i have 1 trio of gold pencilled hamburgs and 1 trio of barnevelders for sale. for more in fo email me.
thanks linc

Added: March 25, 2008

Looking for a freindly rooster to be the husband for my group of mixed red hens...

Added: March 25, 2008

WANTED large black wyandotte cockerel or rooster

Added: March 22, 2008
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