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Give away Birmingham Roller Pigeon's.
Must take all. Good colours. Phone
0405631469. Or email.Thank you.

Added: April 16, 2017

Around Christmas a peacock adopted us ... I would like to purchase 2 peahens .. he's lonely .. can anybody assist?

Added: March 15, 2017

Wanted - Peacock and peahen. I have 2.5 acres and would like to watch them in the garden.

Added: February 24, 2017

I am looking to buy a while male peacock or pied male peacock. Also interested in buying pied baby peacocks. Please contact by email.

Added: February 20, 2017

Will pay $150 for a peahen. Can be existing female or willing to wait a few months for this years batch.

Added: January 28, 2017

Cream Legbars- has anyone have them or seen them anywhere?
I am desperately in need of a good crested cream legbar cockerel first of all to improve my mishmash of crested green/blue egg layer remnants from my first attempts at breeding creams 20 years ago.
Will also consider other stock and eggs.

Added: January 27, 2017

Swinhoe Pheasants.
breeding pair preferred for old friend from Tocumwal, NSW.
I'm helping out trying to get a pair for him.
Any help would be much appreciated.
Thank you, Tony...

Added: January 23, 2017

50 pearl pied and lavender pied Guinea keets for sake. Range from 5 weeks to 3 months old. $15.00 each. For 10 or more, $10 each. 2 unsexed cinnamon Guinea keets. Approx 6 weeks old. $50.00 each

Added: January 21, 2017

12 week old silkie chickens - Beautiful natured chickens. Only to good home. Regretful sale due to one chicken being a rooster and being unable to keep him in my area. I'd prefer not to split the chickens up as they are inseparable. 0402555414

Added: January 20, 2017

Cockerels 16 weeks needing homes 1 Araucana $15, 1 Australorp x Wyandotte $10.
We bought day old chicks in Oct from a local Heritage Breeder and sadly need to re home the boys.
Wendell (was Wendy) is a pure Araucana, he’s mostly Black with a pale edging on his head tuffs.
Parents pure Araucana (Blue eggs) Lavender Roo with Lavender and Black Hens.
Bazza (was Shelia) is a Wyandotte (Roo, Blue laced Gold) x Australorp (Hen, Black or Blue).
Baz looked all blue (his sister still is) until he started to mature and now has lovely silver and gold flecks on his shoulders and wings.
Both are very tame and friendly, they still sit on our laps and shoulders.
Baz is the dominant one, he started crowing at 6 weeks and working at 13 weeks with our older hens.
Wendell took a long time to confirm his gender, not crowing until 13 weeks and still not working.
Please phone, text or email and I’ll send you photos of our boys.
All offers considered. Sell together or separate.

Added: January 19, 2017
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