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Interested in buying Mandarin Ducks. Hoping for N.S.W but willing to go further if needed. Thanks :)

Added: March 30, 2018

Hi just curious if anyone knows of any poultry auctions on in the next couple of weeks around sydney or outskirts thanks.

Added: March 7, 2018

Looking for older issues of Australasian poultry, particularly the 90's and 2000's
Fair price paid.
Thanks, Andrew :o

Added: March 4, 2018

Several Black Austrolorp rosters for sale. 18 weeks old- $30 each

Added: February 1, 2018

Hi there,

We have a Blue-laced Barnevelda rooster that we want to sell.

We got four chooks from Eggselent breeders when they were chicks and one of them turned into a rooster.

We have to get rid of him unfortunately due to neighbours complaining.

He's still only about three months old so doesn't have his full tail feathers yet but he's beautiful. I can send a pic if interested.


Added: January 22, 2018

Where's the best place to buy chickens on the Central Coast or north of Sydney?

Added: January 17, 2018

Wanted to buy a trio of Coronation Sussex. 2 hens and a rooster. large breed. ph 0405631469.

Added: January 9, 2018


Fertile Cinnamon Guinea fowl eggs

Fertile cream Guinea fowl eggs

If available will need to be express posted to Tasmania.

Added: January 1, 2018

Wanted to Buy.
I need an Indian Blue Peahen please. Happy to travel two to three hours to purchase.

Added: November 6, 2017

I have 2 broody chickens started laying and sitting but I have no rooster to fertilise the eggs. Any locals for loan of a rooster? Breads are mixed including bantams so not a large rooster please. Do I have any other options? sldo any tips on keeping doves away?

Added: October 7, 2017
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